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Discover Denton's Social Media Video Campaign

The Denton Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is responsible for the promotion and marketing of Denton, Texas.  The CVB strives to draw visitors to the vibrant small town just north of Dallas.

     For years, the CVB has used many methods of promotion, including print, television, and most recently, social media.     One such promotional method has been the use of video - and in particular, a tourism video.   This is how Haaksman Media helped the Denton CVB with a hugely successful online campaign.


         the first tourism video

In 2012, the Denton CVB partnered with Mikon Haaksman, who was the former lead of video production at Aria, a Dallas based marketing agency.  His idea was a little different from what typified tourism videos, and it paid off.  Haaksman produced a three minute video that featured people and places of Denton strictly through visuals.  With just music and imagery, the people of Denton, and the beautiful town they call home, came alive.   The video was an enormous success, and thus far has reached over 26,000 views on Youtube.  The Denton CVB utilized the video for trade shows, online marketing, and shared clips with local and national media. Local business and both universities shared it with potential clients, employees and students.

time for something new

In the Spring of 2017, Mikon met with Kim Phillips, Vice President of the Denton CVB, and Veronica Maldonado, Communications Director  for the Denton CVB, to discuss creating an updated tourism video.  In the short time since the first video was produced, the ubiquity of smart phones and social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram, made it clear that this would be the best method of reaching a vast audience.  

Mikon’s strategy would be to produce five 15 second vignettes of Denton.  Soon followed by one 3 minute video that would serve as a standalone piece.  The vignettes would be posted on Instagram and Facebook, while the final video would be posted on Facebook, with promotional teasers on Instagram.   The videos would also be shared via Twitter and Youtube.

During the early Summer, two vignettes would be released on Monday and Friday.  The final week, the 3 minute piece would be released.                                                                                                                                                             

The group then discussed each of the vignettes and how they would profile a different theme best profiling Denton.

During production, Haaksman and his crew spent several days shooting all of the content necessary to create the videos.   A small coffee shop, an ice cream parlor, a beer garden, a bar, to a farmers market; each location was carefully selected to serve the overall theme of “Discover Denton”.  


The video Haaksman Media created visually and beautifully captured Denton’s original vibe. Mikon returned this year to produce a new video and again delivered something very special. This most recent video won the People’s Choice Award at our annual Texas Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus’ Conference. He always seems to find the right way to tell our story and the proof of success is in the numbers. In just two months the video has been viewed 46k times on Facebook and it’s all organic. Makes us love his work even more!
— Veronica Maldonado


The result

The outcome was an extraordinarily successful campaign, engaging thousands of viewers while creating video content that will be used for countless types of future promotion.  

All organic growth For the full campaign

on Facebook: Lifetime total reach - 154,084 • Total impressions - 284,655

Twitter: 8,448 impressions

Instagram: 6,016 Video Views





The Full Campaign Videos:

Click on the video window to play the campaign as a whole, or click on the list icon to choose a specific clip.

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