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Mikon always goes above and beyond to deliver top-quality video production services.
I have worked with him for many years and look forward to continuing our relationship for many more.
— Leslie Thompson • Global Video HQ
Very professional; easy to work with.
An impressive array of equipment and a very versatile crew member.
— Julie Goodnight • 2Horse Productions
I was looking for a drone pilot and camera operator for a photography and video production in the US for a big German coporate company. Could not have been any luckier finding Mikon. He is the perfect mix of highly professionel, truly experienced and very creative. And he is a super nice guy to work with on top. Thank you!
— Verena Sensis • IckeMade GmbH
Mikon came through for us on a last-minute, documentary shoot in very remote Texas. He is experienced, communicative, and patient. We would love to work with him again!
— Sam LeGrys • Red Rock Films
Mikon is a “no fuss” professional. Describe your vision and he gets it - then makes it happen without needing hand-holding or constant supervision. He comes fully equipped to get the job done in the time required and solves problems making your job that much easier. You can’t go wrong with him!
— Tom More • Restrung Lefty
Mikon and Matt gave us the great footage and audio that we needed for our project, and great service as well. Highly recommened.
— Ted Grudowski • Independent Video Producer
I hired Mikon for a series of senior-level interviews for a French company in Dallas. I appreciated Mikon’s motivation from the outset, and was very satisfied with what he shot, and how he handled the project.
I did not attend the shooting, but I could hear, when watching the b-roll, and listening to him coach the interviewees, that he knows very well how to conduct an interview. And that is often as important as taking the good shots (which he can do too).
I would definitely recommend Mikon for any film production need you may have.
— Olivier Moizan • NEWS BOX
Working with Mikon has been fantastic!
— Emilie Bierschenk • Granicus
We love Mikon! Great collaborator!
— Carter Shackleford • Williams RDM
Things just go smoother when Mikon is on set. Is it his professionalism? Yes. Is it his skill as a DP? Obviously. Is it his good nature and sense of humor? Without a doubt. I have worked with Mikon for several years and rely on him as a creative partner who can understand the vision and makes recommendations and creative choices that really bring it to life. I absolutely recommend Mikon!
— David Seay • David Seay Productions
Mikon is an excellent shooter and has always delivered great results for our company.
— Jonathan Bowen • JLB Media
Mikon is the complete package. Very professional.
— Scott Light • Scott Light Photography
The final product was perfect and the client was incredibly impressed. He was a great partner on this project and we are so grateful. I can not recommend Mikon enough!
— Marisa Flores • Shared Value Media
Mikon is a great videographer and producer, and I definitely recommend his services. He is fully professional in terms of his knowledge, skills, equipment and cooperation with others.
— Marcin Firlej Black Rabbit
Mikon is extremely professional. I really enjoyed working with him!
— Jean-Pierre Serra • Expérience 7
Mikon’s broad skill set and patient demeanor make him the consummate dependable production professional.
— Margaret Starnes • AMS Pictures
You’ll be hard-pressed to find a producer with greater expertise and attention to detail than Mikon. We’ve partnered with Mikon for several executive-level interviews in Dallas and Houston, and he always impresses us. Not only is Mikon an expert at lighting and framing subjects, he also knows how to make our clients feel comfortable on camera. His footage is consistently gorgeous with plenty of usable soundbites - even when the subject isn’t used to speaking on camera.
— Maria Giordano • Flimp Media
Very professional and easy to deal with.
— Simon Hayes • CEO Forum Group
10 out of 10 Thank you very much, Mikon
— Carole Jarrin • Paradoxal
Great to work with!
— Caroline Metzger • Databank
“You’ll be hard-pressed to find a producer with greater expertise
and attention to detail than Mikon.”
Ease of working together and quality product!
— Penny Benatovich • Viewpoint Creative
Mikon is great to work with and his crew is fantastic. He took care of everything for my shoot in Dallas and just made it very easy for me.. Highly recommend Mikon if you need crew and a great shooter in Dallas.
— John Papa • Film922
Haaksman Media understood our needs and created a marketing video beyond compare.
We now have a product we can use for our customers as well as potential vendor partners.
— J. Keith Butler • Eagle’s Nest