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Stunning aerial work.
Before working with Mikon, I was skeptical that single operator drone work could compare to some of the very expensive two man crews I have worked with.
I look forward to working with him again!
— Skip Hobbie • Freelance Cinematographer


When looking for a drone service provider, do you need something documented, or do you need it filmed?  What's the difference, you ask?  There are countless drone operators who can fly a drone, point the camera, and shoot.  There are far fewer who do it with a cinematographer's eye.  While we follow all FAA requirements, we don't stop there.  We treat our drones like flying cameras, instead of aircraft that happen to shoot video.  In fact, while many operators use a separate pilot and camera operator, we choose to use one person to do both jobs.  We always have a visual observer on hand for safety, but our shots are cinematic in a way only a skilled pilot/cinematographer can provide.  Don't take our word for it, take a look at our demo reels for the proof.  All of the shots you see were performed by a single person.


2017 Reel

This demo reel showcases some of our work since the middle of 2016 and highlights some of the unique shots we've captured.  From the South Pacific to Palo Duro Canyon, in Texas, we travel the world to get the shots our clients need.

2015 Demo Reel

This demo reel from 2015 highlights more work from a variety of types of clients.  

2014 Demo Reel

Our first demo reel highlighted some of the earliest commercial work we performed for clients.  

Additional SAMPLES

Check out the Playlist for more samples of aerial work.

We're Here to Help

Whenever we talk to our clients, we start out trying to learn more about their needs.  

With some basic information, we can research the viability of a drone shoot - or suggest alternatives when it isn't possible to use one.  

Our primary goal is to stay safe and ensure that our clients are getting the best value for their money.