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Up Front Pricing and Payment Terms

All pricing based on 6-10 hour full day & 1-5 hour half day for local projects. Contact us for a specific quote to meet your project needs.  Please be aware that if there are special circumstances such as specialty gear, unusual shoot needs, the price may be different. We can usually negotiate a good travel rate if required. 

Director of Photography with Gear:  Full Day $1100 • Half Day $650

      This price includes a DP/Camera Operator with one camera, light kit, camera support, and appropriate gear for project. Audio from on board mic or boom/lav combo fed directly to camera.  This is for a basic interview or two with some b-roll.

2 Person Crew #1: Full Day $1300• Half Day $750

       This is for a DP as above plus a production assistant.  Helpful if there are several setups or moving to different locations.

2 Person Crew #2: Full Day $1750 • Half Day $1000

       This is for a DP as above plus an audio field engineer with equipment.  Multiple interviews or run and gun style shooting.

3 Person Crew #1: Full Day $1950 • Half Day $1100

       This is for a field producer, DP as above, and production assistant.  When you need someone to handle the shoot on your behalf.

3 Person Crew #2: Full Day $2400 • Half Day $1350

       This is for a field producer, DP, and audio field recordist.  Solid crew for important productions.

4 Person Crew: Full Day $2600 • Half Day $1450

       This is for a producer, DP, audio field recordist, and production assistant.  Solid and efficient crew.

Producer: Full Day $700 • Half Day $400

        A producer can be available from pre production through post.  

UAV(Drone) Operator with Drone:  Half Day $600 •$725 with Spotter

      This price includes at least 2 uav's, as well as research and prep time to ensure feasibility and safety of flight.  Full day is typically double the 1/2 day rate but most jobs       can be completed in a half day - unless travel is required.  Fully insured and have a valid FAA license under Part 107.  We will advise if the location you wish to fly is not feasible.

Additional Crew:

We have a solid roster of excellent crew personnel to meet your needs including makeup artists, gaffers, grips, a/c's, additional camera operators, animal handlers, stunt persons, craft services, and set decorators.  Let us know about your specific needs and we will be happy to assist you.

Extra Gear

We have a lot of gear at our disposal, plus access to several excellent rental facilities.  If you require some extras like a drone with one of the above crews, or a slider, gimbal, let us know and we can negotiate a fair rate.  Typically, these may add $200-$600 for a full day.

Editorial: $125 Per Hour

Motion Graphics/3D: $150 Per Hour

Payment Terms:

We require a 50% deposit prior to production to hold the date.  

We gladly accept credit cards, wire transfers, and checks.

For additional terms, please visit our "terms" page.